Our company specialists in work at height and not easily accessible places.
We employ rope access(application of advanced work solutions with ropes and other specialist equipment), as in many cases it guarantees a quick and efficient task performance.

Works at height:

  • Mounting, dismounting and painting billboards
  • Mounting and dismounting constructions at height
  • Construction and renovation works (painting, sealing, plastering)
  • Installing gutters, downpipes and expansion joint sheet metal
  • Installing lightning protection
  • Cleaning windows and facades
  • Removing icicles and snow
  • Installing transmitting and telecommunication antennas, GSM
  • Fitting bird deterrents
  • Outdoor events, teambuilding (rope techniques)
  • Tree felling in not easily accessible places
  • Painting tall rooms
  • Silos maintenance (cleaning, painting, disinfection)
  • Constructions’ cleaning and dusting
  • Constructions’ painting
  • Works in not easily accessible places
  • Other services as required by our clients

About our company:

Height, mountains, climbing – they have fascinated us for years. Setting up the STEC company was a natural consequence of our interests and a respond to the market’s needs as specialist work at height and rope access are very much sought for.

This is how we have won over our clients. The core ingredient of our company is the team of experienced and active people. Therefore, we offer a professional and fully-engaged approach to every task we are entrusted. Along with providing excellent service, we have introduced a lot of modern solutions and methods in work at height. Application of these ideas allows for performing the tasks quickly and at the same time maintaining the highest standards. Good communication with the client as well as the team members’ experience result in the commissioned projects being professionally and thoroughly carried out. A growing number of orders and references is the best proof of it.